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valuable adj
1 having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange; "another human being equally valuable in the sight of God"; "a valuable diamond" [ant: worthless]
2 having worth or merit or value; "a valuable friend"; "a good and worthful man" [syn: worthful]
3 of great importance or use or service; "useful information"; "valuable advice" [syn: useful, of value] n : something of value; "all our valuables were stolen"

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value + -able



  1. having a great value.
    That ring over there is very valuable


having a great value


valuable (plural valuables)
  1. a personal possession such as jewellery, of relatively great monetary value; — usually used in plural form.

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admired, appreciated, beyond price, costly, dear, esteemed, expensive, gainful, golden, good as gold, inestimable, invaluable, of great price, of value, precious, priceless, prized, profitable, remunerative, respected, rewarding, rich, treasured, valued, well-spent, worthwhile, worthy, yielding a return
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